Back from the Christmas holidays, I look my self in the mirror and just feel fat. Its been raining consistently and food and chocolates have been running my days. So its that time of year when you should have a look at our goals and make plans; what will this new year unfold?

Numerologically this is an 11 universal year it can bring a lot of delight but it also wants you to be a better person. All of our minds will be highly sensitized and we should work on our psychic and intuitive abilities. The number 11 must be made into something tangible and useful but it´s really important that we don´t force it to happen but allow the universe to work in our favor.

So which is more easy to say I am fat and become fatter or say I am beautiful. The law of attraction teaches us to think that we are what we want. So its always better to be grounded in a good feeling before you start working on your goals. So the mantra of this day is: I am beautiful! So send out your mantra to the Universe and let it work in your favor!

I am beautiful