The world is very different from the world I grew up in.  To day we meet our ”people” online and we know each other on a soul level before we evan meet. This is how I meet Stina!

2013 I was on an internet walkabout, soul searching visiting all the so called masters and taking 21 day cleansings. Joining a lot of international groups of women and men from all over the world on the same quest. Ever so often a name pops up that feels like home and after checking I knew she was from my part of the world Sweden. Suddenly I am looking at an American blogg page, a webinar forum called Youwealthrevolution, and the founder Darius M Barazandeh is promoting Stinas Blogg. I looked at it and I was impressed. She has profound knowledge about stuff that interest me and she can express it so well in another language.

The day came when Lisa and I desided that we wanted to translate ”Enkla mediumskolan” into English. My first thought went to Stina, a girl I do not know more than from a comment or two on a  Facebook group. Thanks to Facebook I found her number and called her up and said: Hi Stina I have decided that you shall translate our book and we shall promote it together.

Stina lives in the north part of Sweden, in Hudiksvall,  a minor community. I live in Gothenburg, a fairly large city that has all the perks of a big town. After working together via Google docs and Messenger I finally got to meet Stina when she visited Gothenburg to attend one of Lisas courses in mediumship. And the author and translator meet for the first time.

Stina o LisaAfter sending the book to proofreading to the best English professor I have ever had,  Mr John Montgomery Rouse, we feel that its now time to do all of that, launching it big time doing the e-book journey and save the world by helping you all to find that inspiring spark that will bring you your ”Stina”.  Through the message of ” The Source of mediumship”.

/ Karin Alfredsson Cofounder of