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Stina Devi Eriksson is an Energy transformation healer using her own mix of methods uniquely tailored for each client. She says everything is energy and everything can be shifted through the presence of Loving Kindness and Allowance. She says it is a matter of feeling connected and perceiving the bigger picture of the True Self that includes so many more levels of us that we are not always aware of.

About Stina: Writing has always been one of her favorite things to engage in as well as singing. Growing up
she always wrote short stories and engaged in music. She continued studying music at University
as well as taking classes in creative writing. She later became a sound technician and played in several bands.

After her boyfriend was badly injured in a motorcycle accident she had an extraordinary  experience. As his life support was to be turned off she felt a sudden connection to the Divine  and a rush of Love and Light. She found herself sending healing to the soul of the young man in the hospital bed. This awakened her in a new and profound way of Being. During the time of grieving she came into contact with Reiki, an ancient Japanese healing method, in which she later became a  Reiki Master Teacher. Teaching Reiki led her to the knowing that we all are connection to Source energy, if we open up to it. The joy of the attendees was immense and the ease and grace created opened Stinas heart to looking for more.

In the fall of 2006 she started studying Bioenergetic therapy healing at Axelsons Gymnastiska Insititute in Stockholm taught by the internationally well­known researcher, teacher, author and previous head master at the University for alternative medicine in St. Petersburg Boris Aranovich. She learned ancient Tao healing techniques, Tibetan healing and ancient Russian healing methods to shift energy in all fields creating dis­ease. She later attended an internship at his company in Stockholm which included learning more about Russian techniques, the use of scanning systems and treatment devices as well as translating manuals for medical devices, systems and information material.

medium infusionIn May 2007 she attended the International Quantum Energy Medicine seminar in Stockholm. Listening to speakers like Dr James Oschman, Mark Abadi, Dr rer.nat. Hartmut Müller and international bestselling authour Lynne McTaggart her interest for energy medicine grew and she decided to study it more extensively.

After practicing for years, studying western medicine and also raising children she started looking for more information about Energy Medicine and in 2010 she graduated top student at The Institute of Bioenergetic and Informational Healthcare (IBIH) in Germany. Classes included teachings of anatomy, physiology, nutrition and laser therapy. Also new methods such as biofeedback systems, NLP, EFT and informational medicine as the NES system. Studies also included teachings from the Heart Math Insititute and the research from Dr Bruce Lipton on epigenetics and META­medicine by Dr Hamer. For those who are interested in this field she recommends the movie “The Living Matrix” featuring amongs others IBIH Head Master Dr Folker Meissner.

Before the birth of her third child he had her own buisness where she offered sessions, meditation groups and classes in healing. Alongside with taking care of the children and working for her husband in his IT­business she enjoys studying anything from neurobiology to consciousness and buddha dharma.

Her longing to write lead her to start blogging where she is offering the teachings of the Knowing she receives. She also offers remote healing sessions which has been a huge success with testimonials of her warm heart, gentleness, knowledge and compassion.

Stina says: If a person finds within themselves the Knowing that there is no separation, ­their connection with Source/God life becomes a flourishing adventure where the heart blooms and thrives. Separation, she continues, is the greatest problem there is in mankind. Love, compassion and kindness is the key to regaining this connection that has never really left us. We have just come to believe it has and that she says is the core of any problem. It is her mission in life to reconnect people with source so that they can live life to the fullest with ease and joy. It is our birthright to receive she says, and when we put up stopsigns we shut receiving off. The good news is of course that the signs can be taken down.

Stina is also the co-author of the Amazon Bestseller ”The Energy of Expansion”.

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